Renewable Energy- in Electric Vehicle Charging...!!!

Increasing cost of fuel prices and dramatic fall in costs of renewable energy in the last 24 months has not only accelerated the replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energy in electricity generation but also the low-cost renewable electricity has now started to replace fossil fuels in other sectors like E vehicles charging.

With the increase in number of Electric vehicles on road, there is huge surge of load expected on Grid infrastructure. The question arises, Are we ready to sustain the such load on our existing grid infrastructure? Our DISCOMs can answer this question better. But taking the liberty, one can say that we would need to supplement the sources of generation and here comes the need to depend on other renewable sources like Solar, Wind or Biogas.

With the ample amount of Sunlight availability, it will be more apt to integrate the Solar network in line to our extended National Solar mission for increasing self sustenance. 

Today, the era is of transformation. Transformation towards environment friendly technologies, to save the Earth for our future generations.

We at Prian, provide ease of being green for smarter, faster and safer tomorrow....!!!